PSL Paving Restoration Nottingham

Our services provide solutions for virtually any block paving or tarmacadam restoration problem and in addition to making your refurbished area look good we also extend its life and resistance to damage by weather or normal wear and tear.


Block Paving

We use a proven process for refurbishing and restoring block paving.

The images on the right give a step-by-step breakdown of the block paving restoration process.



Tarmac drives and other areas can be made to look like new and stay looking good by being more resistant to fading and stains. We have specialist tools and equipment to facilitate restoration and repair in one process.

Th is process restores the tarmac to its original colour and re-seals the surface to prevent moisture ingress and the resultant deterioration.

tarmac drive restoration nottingham

The tarmac drive above is badly stained and had damaged areas.

tarmac drive cleaning and repair nottingham

The same drive after cleaning and re-treating.


Imprinted Concrete

As with all of our processes we have a specialist solution to the problems associated with imprinted concrete to enable us to refurbish your drive and protect it for the future.

drive cleaning and restoration nottingham

A finished drive looking like new after our treatment.

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The images below show some typical scenarios and the result of restorations.

drive restore nottingham

restore paving nottingham

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